The preservation of user privacy is one of's main priorities. In order to protect users' rights and enable them to access and utilise their right to privacy, a framework for privacy compliance has been put in place.

This privacy policy's main goal is to give you as much information as possible about the kinds of data we collect, how we use it, and the different options you have for how specific data is used. Our comprehensive privacy policy has been put into place for the benefit of all users of our services. To make this policy easier to understand, the key components are summarised in the following section. We kindly request that all California residents read our California privacy notice.

As a user of Our Services, you provide us with precise information about your usage habits, websites you visit, interactions you have with the content, and the specifications of the device and operating system you use to access Our Services. We will keep your phone number on file for a period of three months in case you would like to use our "click to call" service.

This information is collected for a number of reasons, such as website upkeep, service delivery, quality improvement, statistical analysis, and payment-related dispute resolution with our suppliers, customers, and business partners.

Only when deemed essential to provide Our Services or as required by law will personal information be disclosed. It is highly advised that individuals familiarise themselves with our extensive privacy policy, as it is legally binding.

Privacy Policy

Last Updated: May 20, 2021

We would want to be transparent about the ways in which (sometimes referred to as "we", "our", or "us") collects data regarding the Site, its functions, subdomains, and services. We have developed this privacy policy for that reason. The term "Our Services" include all the products, features, information, and services that are offered on our website. This policy's headings are arranged logically to make navigation easier rather than with the intention of being interpretative. The tool aims to improve user understanding and make navigating the privacy policy simpler.

The corporation is free to change its privacy policy whenever it wants without outside interference. The Privacy Policy's most current update date is always displayed at the bottom, and any changes are announced on our website. You acknowledge and agree to the updated Privacy Policy by using or interacting with the Site, including any additional downloads or access made after the changes. If there are any significant changes, they will be communicated to the public as soon as possible and through the appropriate channels, such a notice on the website, at least seven (7) days before the changes become effective. The changes will go into effect seven (7) days after the notification was published.

1. Terms of Use.

The Terms of Use include the Privacy Policy in full. If any terminology used in the Privacy Policy are not stated clearly, it is crucial to understand what they mean in the context in which they are used.

2. Our Processing Legal Foundations.

Data protection laws are followed in the handling and use of personal data. Respecting one or more of the following legal basis is customary when handling personal data:

2.1. Fulfillment of a Contract. You explicitly consent to us providing You with Our Services in accordance with Our comprehensive Terms of Use by utilising Our Services. It could be required to handle certain Personal Information, including the user's IP address, in order to complete this activity.

2.2. Justifiable Interests. It is legal to use Personal Information collected from users of our services for legitimate business purposes, such as conducting analytics, enhancing user experiences, stopping fraud, and maintaining security.

2.3. Legal Responsibilities. In certain situations, such as responding to consumer complaints or giving information to regulatory bodies, obtaining personal data may be required to satisfy legal or regulatory obligations.

2.4. Assent. Sometimes, the processing and use of a person's personal information for the goal of offering additional services will need the person's express consent. Making a user profile, getting personalised offers, writing product evaluations, and signing up for newsletters are a few examples of these services. You may withdraw your consent at any time by clicking the link provided, should it be required for this processing to be legal. After confirming your request, we will get in touch with you as needed.

3. Data That We Handle.

We use a variety of methods to gather data on how users engage with and use Our Services.

3.1. Data You Provide Us. You might need to supply specific personal information in order to use some of the features and services on Our Services. This category includes creating a user profile, offering product or service evaluations, signing up for newsletters, and obtaining promotional materials, among other things. We will proactively obtain your consent voluntarily before sharing any personal data. If you accept our privacy policy, we might also collect some Personal Information; this is addressed in the section that follows.

In this Privacy Policy, "Personal Information" refers to any information that could be used, alone or in combination with other information, to identify a specific individual. This could comprise any number of details that could be used to identify an individual, including their home address, phone number, email address, complete name, and other contact information. An IP address may or may not be considered personal information depending on a number of variables, including the data's intended use and the applicable legal jurisdiction. The IP address that the user's Internet service provider assigned to their device makes the aforementioned conclusion possible. Should personally identifiable information be discovered—which is extremely unlikely—it will be handled and protected with extreme care. Nevertheless, user identification is not possible with the suggested method.

3.1.1. Forms and Services for Third Parties: As a corporation, we offer a variety of services, one of which is the evaluation and assessment of different brands, enterprises, and companies that we call "Partners." We also assess the complementary products that these Partners provide; we will refer to these as "Products." On occasion, you might be able to access additional opportunities, resources, and services through our partners. In exchange for voluntarily and knowingly completing an online form, users may be shown the aforementioned options. The information you provide on this form will expedite the appropriate Partner's ("Lead") processing of your engagement.

To initiate a transaction with a Partner or to obtain more information about a Partner or Product, please click on the relevant Partner icon or tab. Following this action, a landing page will be presented to you. The organisation in charge of this website's ownership and management is the Partner. It's also important to remember that the website can be accessed through many web portals. Visitors may be asked for specific information on the landing page, such as their name, phone number, and email address—collectively, "Landing Page Info."

It's important to realise that the Partner in control of the landing page immediately has user information. Therefore, the information provided will be governed by the Partner's privacy policy and data collection procedures. It is strongly recommended that you become familiar with the privacy policies of the relevant businesses in order to fully comprehend how your Personal Information is collected and utilised.

3.1.2. Contact Us. The business reserves the right to ask for the disclosure of specific Personal Information, such as the user's name and email address, in the event that a user contacts us via any of our numerous channels of communication, such as emails, web forms, feedback forms, or tools for reporting on our services. The policies delineated in sections 4 and 5 of the Privacy Policy stipulate that the information furnished by the user, in conjunction with the particulars of their inquiry, should be used to satisfy their request and accomplish our legitimate business goals.

3.1.3. Blogs, Newsletters, Surveys, and Promotions. A blog forum, reviews, and articles about Partners, Services, Products, and related business verticals are some of the elements that our services provide. Participants can also access newsletter subscriptions, marketing campaigns, and polls. The service provider can choose to handle these chores in-house or hire outside contractors to do them for them. When engaging in particular activities, like answering surveys, subscribing to newsletters, or leaving comments on blogs, people could be asked for Personal Information, like their name and email address. We shall provide the previously mentioned information to a third party; the third party's privacy policy will supersede ours. We promise to only use the information you provide for the reasons it was meant to be used.

3.1.4. User Reviews and User Profiles. Users can ask to have a user profile for our services created, or they can seek an assessment of our partners. By doing this, we will be able to better understand you and provide you with a more personalised and unique experience.

3.2. Information Collected From You. Information on the usage and interaction of Our Services is gathered through a range of techniques.

3.2.1. Information about the Device: Gathering device-specific information makes it easier to deliver services and improves language, location, and time zone cross-device compatibility. The following attributes need to be gathered: device type; operating system and version; language and version; and user agent details, which include browser type, version, and screen resolution.

3.2.2. Interactions and Usage: We gather information about user behaviour and use it to improve and maximise the functionality of our services. In addition, our partners and affiliates receive the data. Users can log in to the system using Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) from both internal and external sources. Furthermore, user activity on the Services, including views and clicks, is tracked. In addition to tracking the chronological sequence in which users interact with and explore other websites, we also gather information about the precise day and hour that visitors utilise the website.

3.2.3. Log Files: We employ tracking technologies on our platforms, such pixel tags, to gather information from server log files and monitor user behaviour in order to spot patterns and assess how users interact with our services. Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, which are assigned to customers' devices by their Internet service providers (ISPs), are among the data delivered. IP addresses are gathered and used for specific purposes, all while keeping time restrictions in mind. The first use of the data is to determine the user's location, including preferred language, country, and state. This allows us to offer our services to users in a language that corresponds to their original tongue and is appropriate for their location. Subsequently, automated procedures examine the IP addresses in search of proof of unethical behaviour.

3.2.4. Cookies and Similar Technologies. We may use technologies such as "cookies," "web beacons," and "pixel tags" in conjunction with our services to anonymously track users online. We might employ these technologies, or other service providers might. A "cookie" is a little digital file that a website sends to a user's computer. Cookies enable the website to identify and recognise the particular browser a user is using when they return. The website can store and retrieve user preferences and relevant data about their interactions with Our Services thanks to this functionality. Users can choose to fully accept cookies or to receive notifications each time a new cookie is added to their web browser. But doing so can result in the website's features or services being disabled, which would restrict your access to some sections.

Websites use an inbuilt device called a "pixel tag" to track and log user activity, including, when applicable, email access and reading. Most of the time, the combination of cookies works well.

To fully understand the various types of cookies used and how tracking technologies and cookies are implemented on Our Services, we respectfully ask that you carefully go over our Cookie Policy.

3.3. Information we receive from Third Parties. Our services work in conjunction with other organisations, affiliates, and partners to maximise operational efficacy. An internal user identity generator and an examination of user behaviours including clicks, purchases, views, form fills, and phone calls are two of the many sources from which data can be gathered.

The click-to-call feature on our platform makes it simple for customers to quickly access a variety of services. In such circumstances, the participation of outside service providers may enable call routing, monitoring, and reporting. This suggests that we might have the phone number used to initiate contact for a brief amount of time, but not any personal information. The main objective of this data is to increase the efficacy of our relationships with partners and recommendations. The specific permissions you provide, however, will limit the use of your data for purposes other than those for which it was originally intended.

4.  Agreement, Option, and Adjustments.

Users can use Our Services without having to give Us Personal Information. Engaging in this activity is completely optional. By using our services, you agree to the terms of the privacy statement and any applicable information practices. We respectfully ask that anyone who use Our Services do not have opposing opinions.

The user ultimately chooses whether or not to use various services, even if accessing them may entail providing certain personal information. A person is always free to change their mind, even if they have already revealed sensitive information. Refer to the previously mentioned section 8 for additional information on how to choose to opt out and withdraw consent.

5. Purposes for the collection of information.

The main objective of gathering Personal Information, sometimes known as "your Information," is to make it easier to provide Our Services and raise the standard of those services generally. A few of the purposes for which the information is provided are improving user interaction with our services, improving the general calibre of those services, keeping an eye on recommendations and advertisements, confirming user identities, stopping fraud, responding to user questions and other correspondence, and authenticating user access to and use of our services.

6. Sharing Your Information with Third Parties.

Personal information is not shared with unaffiliated third parties unless one of the following situations occurs:

6.1. Data Storage and Security Platforms (“Data Platforms): Store and manage user data more easily with the use of "Data Platforms," which are third-party cloud and storage services. This suggests that user data is shared with international businesses, including US corporations, for data storage or other processing requirements. Visit the official Amazon Web Services page at to review the company's privacy policies. We implement strong privacy protections and data security requirements on the Data Platforms that we use for our operational activities in order to guarantee compliance with applicable data protection rules. It is critical to recognise that their privacy policies only govern their internal procedures and activities.

6.2. Social Media Platforms. For marketing and operational purposes, social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn may gather and utilise personal information about you that isn't directly linked to your identity. These platforms have the capacity to independently collect personal data and maybe combine it with the information we provide, provided we have the user's explicit consent. We are unable to understand or regulate the privacy practices of the relevant social media platforms, which form the foundation for the disclosure of personal information. As explained in Section 9 of our Privacy Notice, Californians are legally able to exercise their right to object to participation in data exchanges.

6.3. Other Third Parties. Outside parties who help us run our business, such as customer service representatives and companies that provide phone or email administration services, may have access to the information you input. These companies additionally help us with user activity analysis and offering improvement. It is imperative that service providers establish and maintain their own privacy policies and make sure users are always aware of them. It is recommended that you thoroughly study the policies offered by other companies before making any purchases. Many companies may have their headquarters located in different parts of the world, depending on where their server infrastructure is situated.

6.4. Enforcement. It could be decided to share Personal Information with other organisations if doing so is thought to be beneficial or necessary. These measures may be appropriate for a number of reasons, such as following relevant laws, rules, court decisions, or requests from authorities. In addition, these steps might be taken to look into possible violations of our terms of use, find and fix fraud or security issues, and safeguard the resources, privacy, or safety of, our connected companies, you, and/or the public.

6.5. Partners and Products. It could be decided to share Personal Information with other organisations if doing so is thought to be beneficial or necessary. These measures may be appropriate for a number of reasons, such as following relevant laws, rules, court decisions, or requests from authorities. In addition, these steps might be taken to look into possible violations of our terms of use, find and fix fraud or security issues, and safeguard the resources, privacy, or safety of, our connected companies, you, and/or the public.

6.6. Merger, Sale or Bankruptcy. The transfer or assignment of Personal Information and other gathered or received data may happen in the event that and any affiliated firms decide to sell all or a portion of their assets, or if they choose to merge or acquire another business. In situations such as these, it is the responsibility of the data collection organisation to ensure that the data processing operations are transparent and honest, and that the rights of individuals are protected in compliance with applicable laws in their country of residency.

Non-personal information may be shared with third parties under certain circumstances and within certain organisations. Companies from outside our organisation may offer services and features for our benefit or for their own. When organisations like Tableau and Google Analytics integrate their products or services with our website, it makes data collection easier when users interact with it. User behaviour on our platforms, such as clicking, scrolling, dragging the cursor, and typing on a keyboard, is tracked and utilised to offer the information that is supplied in addition to the content that is presented on the pages.

These third-party technologies may use their own cookies to perform their particular functions, and each one complies with its own privacy regulations. Please refer to our Cookie Policy for further details about cookies. Click the provided link to learn more about how Google uses cookies. You can click the provided link to opt out of using Google Analytics.

7. Links to and Interaction with Third-Party Properties.

This website may contain links to other documents, files online, or webpages (collectively, "Third Party Properties") that are not directly under our control. Web pages associated with the pertinent organisation are among the properties owned by third parties. A third party may obtain the user's personal information if they decide to use the links provided and reveal it on the approved Third-Party Properties. Note that and its affiliated companies may have agreements with these third parties allowing them to send and receive data, including Personal Information. It is crucial to keep in mind that Third-Party Properties and Products are not covered by the privacy policies or data collection activities of these third-party entities. Users are strongly advised to thoroughly read the privacy statement and terms and conditions of any Third-Party Property they plan to use or interact with.

8. Choices and Opt-Out.

Users may decide to proceed with care when deciding whether or not to provide us with personal data, as stated in our Privacy Policy. Regardless of where they currently reside, people have the right to use their rights regarding personal information. This phenomena is contingent upon the following conditions:

8.1. Cookies and Tracking Technologies. Users can limit or reject third-party services' or websites' usage of cookies by adjusting the settings on their web browser. Section 2.1.1 of the current agreement has more information on this subject.

8.2. It is best to thoroughly review one's Personal Information, make any necessary changes, or, if it is no longer needed, make a formal request to have it deleted from our systems. Please refer to the previously mentioned Section 2 for more details.

9. Your Rights.

9.1. EU Data Subject Rights. When collecting, using, and retaining personal data, the GDPR is adhered to.

As a user living in the EU, you have the following options to select from:

  • Please file an official request to receive the personal data associated with your profile that is presently being updated by our organisation. To confirm your identity, we need the required credentials from you.
  • If any of the provided data turns out to be erroneous, incomplete, or outdated, kindly tell us of the pertinent details so that we can make the necessary modifications.Please contact us if you would want to withdraw your consent for us to process your personal data. It is essential to acknowledge that the act of withdrawing consent does not apply retroactively to data processing that was already conducted with the prior consent of the subject.
  • We are so formally asking that your personal information be deleted or have access to it restricted. Individuals are entitled to request that third parties, who may have Personal Information about them as specified in this Privacy Policy, adhere to the aforementioned guidelines in addition to any applicable legal obligations.
  • Another option available to individuals is to file a formal complaint with the regulatory body tasked with overseeing and enforcing data privacy regulations.
  • Users have the right to object to how their personal information is used, particularly if it is being used for direct marketing.

9.2. Canada.  By emailing [email protected], Canadian nationals can inquire about whether their personal data is shared with third parties for the purpose of direct marketing.

9.3. Privacy Notice for California Residents. California people may be governed by California law in specific situations involving personal data. In addition to our primary privacy policy, this additional section offers an element that might be pertinent to your particular case. Residents of California are granted specific rights regarding their personal data under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Californians are entitled to certain benefits as long as they follow the law.

  • Request to Know/Access: It is your responsibility to make sure you are fully aware of all the information that has been gathered, utilised, revealed, or acquired throughout the previous twelve (12) months. Before exercising their right to access information, individuals should carefully read the contents of Section 3.1, which relates to data that the user provides, Section 3.2, which relates to data that the service obtains, and Section 3.3, which relates to data that is sourced from third-party entities. You'll receive a detailed report with an explanation of all the personal data collected on you after your request has been received and your identity has been successfully verified.
  • Request for Deletion. Individuals have the right to ask for their personal data to be deleted from our databases. However, there are a few situations in which this guideline is not followed, as when you need to update your data because of security concerns, legal obligations, or troubleshooting requirements. After your identification has been correctly authenticated, we will remove your personal information from our systems, unless there are special circumstances.
  • Request to Opt-Out from Sale of Personal Information: At this time, our company does not sell personal information about individuals. But it's crucial to remember that, in compliance with the guidelines provided by the California Consumer Protection Act, some cookie applications might fall under this heading. Californians can exercise their right to object to the sale of their personal information to third parties at any time. To complete this process, find the "do not sell my personal information" link in our website's bottom and click the appropriate option. Advertisements that are tailored to appeal to a wide audience while taking into account the particular features of Our Services may nevertheless be shown to someone who opts out.
  • No Discrimination: We don't currently sell any personal data about individuals. However, it's important to remember that some uses of cookies may fall under this category in compliance with the regulations set forth by the California Consumer Protection Act. Californians may lawfully exercise their right to prevent the sharing of their personal data with unaffiliated parties. Please click the "do not sell my personal information" hyperlink at the bottom of our webpage to finish this process. Make the wise choice after that. Nevertheless, even if a person declines to interact, they might continue to get customised advertisements that are based on their unique receiver profile and take into consideration the unique features of Our Services.
  • Handling Privacy Requests:Our company's main goal is to respond to all client inquiries with thorough and rational answers within 45 days of the date of initial receipt. If someone needs more time to do a task, they will be notified in writing and offered an extension of up to 45 days for the deadline. when it is believed that keeping personal data is necessary for tasks like troubleshooting, spotting security breaches, or meeting legal requirements, or when the verification procedure is impractical.
  • Our California Do Not Track Notice: The "Do Not Track" (DNT) feature, which is available in a number of web browsers, allows users to express their desire to not be monitored when they use our platform or other websites. Unfortunately, our company's DNT signal capability isn't operational at this time. Under some conditions, it can be considered appropriate for other businesses, such analytics tool providers, to obtain private data regarding a specific user's online activity across numerous platforms and services. The degree of change in outcome is determined by the person utilising our services.

10. Information Security.

We take precautions to protect the integrity and privacy of any information that is sent, processed, and stored via our website and computer systems because data security is important to our business. The website uses SSL encryption and routinely performs evaluations to protect the integrity and privacy of its data collection and processing processes. Data transmission and storage are protected when third-party services are used that follow recognised information security certifications and standards. Our company has put monitoring tools and access restrictions in place to efficiently keep an eye on and manage employee access to sensitive data.

It is important to recognise that because of the global network's extensive nature, complete security against unauthorised access and other security issues is not feasible even with these precautions. Because of these factors, we are unable to guarantee that security breaches won't ever affect our systems and services.

11. Children’s Privacy.

We do not intentionally direct our services towards anyone under the age of sixteen. Our organisation has a policy in place that specifically forbids collecting Personal Information from those under the age of sixteen. Appropriate steps will be taken to erase Personal Information from individuals under the age of sixteen as soon as it is inadvertently discovered. If you have any questions or concerns about the possibility that we may hold this information, please send an email to [email protected] for additional information. 

12. Non-US Users.

Transferring Personal Information from a person's home or country of origin to another country is a possibility. There's a potential that some nations won't be able to protect personal information about an individual as well as their own. For instance, there's a very good probability that your personal data will be transferred to the US. In particular, contractual measures are used when sharing data with outside contractors to provide sufficient data protection during the processing phase.

You voluntarily consent to the uses of your data as outlined in this Privacy Policy by using our services and giving us your Personal Information. Data transmission to other nations, particularly the US, is one instance of this.

13. Commitment.

We are quite proud of our Services' unwavering commitment to monitoring the most cutting-edge privacy standards in the business and to always adapting to the ever-changing needs of our clients.

14. Contact Us.

The privacy statement that is supplied is brief and accurate. Please send us an email at [email protected] if you have any questions. Additionally, UK citizens are legally entitled to file a complaint by visiting the Information Commissioner's Office's (ICO) website at